"Fritz quieter last night. It is a wonder how anyone comes out of this alive but I do not seem to be afraid." Corporal John Harold Becker.

Do you have a relative who fought in the Great War and passed a story on to you? Why not share that piece of history with us and help build an archive of these remembrances. Many fascinating soldier's stories are already online and more are added constantly!

Follow Canada's soldiers in this interactive display, as they fight in two of the greatest battles of WWI.
Discover the many books devoted to the First World War, many of which are available from our affiliate, Chapters.Indigo.ca. Also available, is a comprehensive list of web links.
Send a postcard featuring a painting by one of Canada's war artists, or download a song from the period.


Inspired by military historian Norm Christie's books, this project also includes a six-part documentary series.

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