Sergeant Gilbert Walter Candy

The Battle of Frezenberg

The following caption appeared with an illustration of 'The Battle of Frezenberg' in an 1964 issue of the Toronto Telegraph:

Ferocity of warfare in the trenches shows in [this] painting of Princess Pats in action at Ypres. Artist W.B.Wollen based scene on the actual men who fought and died. Two men throwing grenades top left  are Ptes. J.J.McCormack and J.Kelly. Machine-gunner is Cpl. C. Dover. Firing over top of trench on his right is Pte. L. Phillips. The man to his right is Pt. G. Candy. Lt.-Col. H.W. Niven is yelling with his hand to his mouth as Cpl.A.G.Pearson, at left, carries ammunition box. Wounded man sitting at bottom of trench is Sgt. John McDermott. Kelly and Dover died in Ypres action. McCormack and McDermott in 1916. Others lived through the war.

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