Private Irwin Schooley

A Soldier's Diary
My Personal Experiences and Impressions of the Great European War

Rank and Name: Pte. Irwin Schooley
Regimental Number: 532305
Battalion: 12th Cdn. Field Ambulance
Brigade: 10th Brigade
Date of Enlistment: April 10th, 1916
Where enlisted: Winnepeg, Manitoba


June 21 - Left Winnipeg

June 24 - Sailed from Montreal at about 4 o'clock a.m. Docked at Quebec in afternoon and took about 80 naval reserve men aboard.

June 25, 26, 27 - Wonderful scenery, porpoises, sailing ships, icebergs and many large fish, whales sighted. Sighted a few large steamers and oil tanks.

July 1 - Our convoy picked up. Took its place at the stern and followed us till we sighted Ireland.

July 3 - Docked at Liverpool and went to Thorncliffe Camp. Very fast train, 70 miles per hour.

July 21 - Went to Brawshott.

Aug. 7 - Went to London.

Aug. 10 - Reviewed at Haukly Common.

Aug. 11 - Left Brawshott for Southhampton. Sailed at 5 p.m.

Aug. 12 - Arrived at Le Havre at 2 a.m. Stayed 3 days in rest camp.

Aug. 16 - Arrived at Poperinge and went into camp at farm till Aug. 19 when we went to Reninghelst.

Aug. 28 - After working in hospital, went through Ypres to Bedford House, working the line, and returned to Loire on Sept. 10th. More Hospital work.

Sept. 20 - Went up to Kenmets to take over A.D.S.

Sept. 21 - Went to No. 1 R.A.P. Good place, lots of eats.

Sept. 23 Returned to Loire.

Sept. 24 Left Loire and went to Hazebrouck, 16 miles.

Sept. 25 - Left Hazebrouck and marched to Arques, 11 miles

Sept. 26 - Left Arques for Eperlugan, 10 miles.

Sept. 27 - In rest camp at Eperlugan, 7 1/2 miles from St. Omer.

Oct. 2 - Moved to Arques and in transit at 8 p.m.

Oct. 3 - Arrived Candas and marched to Bertincourt and went on Hospital duty.

Oct. 8 - Left Bertincourt and went to Herrasart and stayed all night.

Oct. 9 - Went to Wartoy, 8 miles.

Oct. 10 - Left Wartoy and went into camp at the Brick-fields at Albert.

Oct. 12 - Went up to chalk pits. Worked at Ametry, McIvorville, Courcelette, Pigures.

Oct. 17 - Went up to build dugouts.

Oct. 21 - G. V. Small killed, was in same squad. Blown to pieces.

Oct. 27 - Went to Larra Hill.

Oct. 30 - Went to Albert and back to Larra Hill. Worked up the line intermittently until Nov.21st. when we went back to Sentes on Hospital Duty.

Nov. 27 - Left Sentes for Val de Maison.

Nov. 30 - Left Val de Maison for Boval. Slept in stable.

Dec. 1 - Cold and misty. Marched to Ramaisnet. Slept in barn.

Dec. 2 - Marched to Blanceval.

Dec. 3 - Marched to Bours, near St. Pol.

Dec. 4 - Marched to Bruay.

Dec. 13 - Concert and Ladies Aux. Parcels.

Dec. 19 - Marched to Grand Servins up steep hill. Doing fatigues in Hospital aux. camp.

Dec. 25 - Christmas Day. Special Dinner.

Dec. 26, 27, 28 -Slightly sick with cold and Grippe

Dec. 29 - Met Corp. C. E. Smith, personal friend of Uncle Frank. Cool and raining.

Dec. 30 - More rain. Had a session with the dentist this morning. Lieut. Col. Gordon left tonight for C. C. S. Major Bill taking over command.

Dec. 31 - Sunday A.M. Church Parade. Saw Cliff McRae. Nothing doing in afternoon. Concert at night. Major Bill going to start winter sports.


Jan. 1, Monday - Stayed to watch night Service. Was on work-house today. First time since coming to France. New Years day passed very uneventful.

Jan. 2, Tuesday - On hut fatigue today. No mail today. Some delay I suppose owing to Christmas rush.

Jan. 3, Wednesday - Weather damp and windy. Nothing doing today. Line is very quiet. Had to look after a patient for six hours tonight. No mail again. Hope some turns up soon. None for over a week now. Saw Art and Frank Squair.

Jan. 4, Thursday - Heavy rain this morning. Nothing doing today. No mail again tonight.

Jan. 5, Friday - Went up to A.D.S. Very fast walk with full pack. Was very tired when we got to billets. Town badly shelled. Not a perfect house left standing. Name of place is Ablain St. Lazaire. Letter from home tonight.

Jan. 6, Saturday - On working party today. Pumped out a dugout in cellar of building, about 2 ft. of water. Went on working party to gather wood. Papers in mail tonight.

Jan. 7, Sunday - On working parties again today. Shelling a little more active. German anti-aircraft very poor at range findings. On wood fatigue again tonight.

Jan. 8 - Monday - Helped to fix up dugout for ourselves. Bed made of chicken wire. Some class. Went up to R.A.P. through Souchez to reserve trenches. Night quiet.

Jan. 9, Tuesday - Fritz shelling fairly heavy this morning. British replied in afternoon and gave Fritz everything they had. Fritz quieted down. Had a quiet trip out. Brought out 1 walking case.

Jan. 10, Wednesday - On wood fatigue today. Heavy firing south of Souchez. Very cloudy. Fritz appears to be very nervous. Firing a large number of star shells.

Jan. 11, Thursday - On sanitary fatigue today. Fritz very active with shells in afternoon but British soon made him stop. Lovely church in Ablain absolutely destroyed.

Jan. 12, Friday - On fatigue today. Went up to Regimental Aid Post tonight. Firing has been very quiet today. Had a pretty hard trip in. Snipers very busy. Fritz's front line 300 yds. away.

Jan. 13, Saturday - Fritz quieter this morning. Shelling the ridge a little. Brought out 5 walking and 2 stretcher cases. Snipers very busy at end of duck boards at Souchez. There was a mine blown up in afternoon but do not know on which side.

Jan. 14, Sunday - On wood fatigue again today. Since service fairly quiet. Did not hear much firing. Weather very damp and foggy which stops all chance of any observations being taken.

Jan. 15, Monday - On pumping fatigue today. C Section came up tonight and relieved us. Had a very good march back to Petit Servins. Rec. mail from home written Xmas day.

Jan. 16, Tuesday - Resting up today. Time passes very slowly. This is what gets on our nerves over here. Quite a heavy barrage on tonight. 2nd. Div. reported to have gone over.

Jan. 17, Wednesday - On fatigue for a short time this morning. The band of the 10th Bgde. the 46th Battalion gave a dandy concert in our recreation hut. Thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Jan. 18, Thursday - On hut fatigue today. Nothing much doing. Had a good snowstorm. Snowball fight in afternoon. B. Sec. drove A. Sec. right out of the grounds. Hurrah for B.

Jan. 19, Friday - Was on guard duty last night. Came off duty at 7 a.m. Slept all day and went on guard again at 7 p.m. Cinch of a job. Nothing doing at all.

Jan. 20, Saturday - Came off guard at 7 a.m. Slept all day till 6:30 p.m. Mail tonight. Believe me it sure looked good.

Jan. 21, Sunday - Church service today. Rev. Cap. Pullinger - Saskatoon. Had some fun with the boxing gloves tonight.

Jan. 22, Monday - On san. fatigue today. Work very easy. Guns were firing quite heavy today.

Jan. 23, Tuesday - Hut fatigue today. Fritz aeroplane over today. More artillery fire.

Jan. 24, Wednesday - On san. fatigue again today. Finished at noon. Concert by party of soldiers from the Y.M.C.A. given in the afternoon. Very good. Some of the fellows were from Winnipeg.

Jan. 25, Thursday - On hospital duty today. Work is not very hard. A. Sec. went up to A.D.S. No mail tonight.

Jan. 26, Friday - Hospital duty again. Same old routine. Very heavy barrage put on by the artillery last night. Reminds one of the doings on the Somme front.

Jan. 27, Saturday - Hospital duty again today. Went down to the gas school in the morning and had my gas helmet tested. Came through O.K. Nothing but tear gas used.

Jan. 28, Sunday - On hospital fatigue again. Nothing doing today. Received 2 parcels and a card in the mail tonight.

Jan. 29, Monday - Same old routine. The sameness of the work gets on one's nerves. No mail tonight. Ward 4 was quarantined so we are getting all the work.

Jan. 30, Tuesday - Still on hospital duty. Had a busy day today. Cases are nearly all sick & accident cases. Letters from home tonight.

Jan. 31, Wednesday - Hospital again. Our spell should be over pretty soon now. Full house again last night. A good bunch of fellows though.

Feb. 1, Thursday - Same old duty. Getting rather monotonous. Things are quiet on this front. Artillery getting a little more active.

Feb. 2, Friday - Hospital again. Everything quiet. Expect to be going up again soon.

Feb. 3, Saturday - Nothing exciting yet. Hut 4 rid of quarantine today. Mail from home tonight.

Feb. 4, Sunday - Was relieved by C Sec. this morning. Went to church service at 2 p.m. Up the line to Ablain St. Lazaire at 4 o'clock. Everything quiet. Got into the same old dugout.

Feb. 5, Monday - Settled down again now and will not be going into trenches until about Thursday night. Everything very quiet so far. Principally all sniping going on.

Feb. 6, Tuesday - On fatigue today. Work very easy. Cliff McRae was around to see me this afternoon. He is billeted a little way from here. Boys report things pretty quiet up the line. Artillery not very active today.

Feb. 7, Wednesday - Put on guard at dugout for walking cases at corner of Ablain road. Two Fritz aeroplanes over today.

Feb. 8, Thursday - Nothing much doing today. Up the line to the R.A.P. tonight. Everything quiet. Snipers were not busy at all.

Feb. 9, Friday - Everything very quiet today. Fritz throwing over a few rum jars. Our fellows came right back with trench mortars and stokes guns. Came out with one walking case.

Feb. 10, Saturday - Nothing doing in morning. On work fatigue in afternoon. Heavy firing on right tonight. Some kind of attack being put over. Everything quiet now. Our artillery and machine guns caught the 17th Bavarians coming in tonight.

Feb. 11, Sunday - Church service in dressing room today. Fritz put on a very heavy barrage tonight at about six o'clock. Must have tried to catch our fellows going in. Our artillery is still replying to his fire. One of the finest fireworks displays I ever saw. Shells fiery red.

Feb. 12, Monday - Was up all night on gas guard so slept nearly all the day. Went up the line to take part in bombing raid. 20 squads of 4 men in party. Stayed in quarries. Dugouts here could hold about a battalion of men.

Feb. 13, Tuesday - 800 men went over this morning at about four a.m. and stayed 55 minutes. Bombing Fritz's second line dugouts. Much damage done and some prisoners taken. All of the 17th Bavarian Regiment. Our casualties slight as each squad had only one stretcher case.

Feb. 14, Wednesday - Had a good rest today. Went up to R.A.P. tonight. Very quiet going in. Big barrage over on right today. Hear our Imperial Scottish Division went over.

Feb. 15, Thursday - Everything quiet all day. Did not have a case at all. Fritz shelling very heavy when we were coming out tonight. All got through safe.

Feb. 16, Friday - Was on guard at hut at corner of Ablain road today. Everything quiet all day. Our Ambulance congratulated by Sir Douglas Haig for quick work in cleaning wounded from Souchez raid. Congratulation posted in orders.

Feb. 17, Saturday - Back again this morning. We are being relieved today and will be going back to Grand Servins. Were not relieved. Some hitch in proceedings.

Feb. 18, Sunday - On gas picket today. 2 hours on and two off. Artillery rather active this afternoon. We were relieved by C. Sec. tonight and marched down to Grand Servins.

Feb. 19, Monday - On guard duty tonight. 46th went over on a raid. No killed, about seventeen wounded. Raid was a complete success. Saw Bert Eccles tonight. He is with the 31st Batt. 2nd Div.

Feb. 20, Tuesday - Slept all day and am back on guard duty again tonight. Nothing special happened during the night. Weather very foggy and getting wet again. Saw Bert Eccles again.

Feb. 21, Wednesday - Slept all day again and back on guard at work house. Pretty good job. Lots of good eats.

Feb. 22, Thursday - On guard again tonight. 12th Bgde. went over tonight. More casualties than on previous raids. Fritz must be waiting for them now. Some of the fellows say our own barrage caught them.

Feb. 23, Friday - On guard again. Nothing like staying with a good job. Had a letter from Jim Grantham tonight.

Feb. 24, Saturday - On guard again. Will soon have a week put in on this job. Several bad cases down this morning. Fritz is putting over some high explosive.

Feb. 25, Sunday - Same old job. Was in ward 3 to see fellow who is crazy. One of the most pitiful parts of our work over here. Apparently in good bodily health.

Feb. 26, Monday - On guard again last night. Nothing special doing. Reports coming in of the Germans retreating on the Somme from the front where we were last summer.

Feb. 27, Tuesday - Out on gas drill today. Some fun parading around in these masks. Saw Everad Wright tonight. Canadian mail in tonight. None from G.B.

Feb. 28, Wednesday - Believe me, I sure had a peach of a grouch on today. Did not care whether the war ever ended or not. On guard again tonight. Mail from G.B. tonight. Sun shines once more.

Mar. 1, Thursday - Big barrage put over early this morning. 3 waves of gas put over by British experts. Owing to change of wind it was not a success. Fritz was waiting and inflicted pretty heavy losses on Canadians.

Mar. 2, Friday - On guard again tonight. Just heard that one of the British gas experts had been arrested as a German spy. Germans knew about attack coming off over a week ago. Prussian Guards were brought to this front specially for it. Hence failure of attack. Have since heard that front line was packed 3 days with Prussians and Bavarians.

Mar. 3, Saturday - Just heard today that Earl Knox was killed & buried. Rumour tonight that Bapaume has fallen.

Mar. 4, Sunday - Same old routine. Nothing exciting happening. Has been very quiet during the night. Quite a fall of snow came about 12 p.m.

Mar. 5, Monday - Slept all day again till 5 p.m. On hospital duty tonight. Some of the old boys in again so things are fairly easy.

Mar. 6, Tuesday - On hospital duty again. Camp was changed around today and our ward is now in hut 5. I had about 8 patients in during night about 45 altogether.

Mar. 7, Wednesday - Hospital again. Work is increasing. Have over fifty to look after tonight. Have had about six new cases in tonight. Very windy and cold today.

Mar. 8, Thursday - On hospital duty again tonight. Mostly all sick cases. Nothing special doing.

Mar. 9, Friday - On hospital duty again. Wrote to Irene today on her birthday. I have had an extra rush of patients on tonight. 60 to look after. Saw Eric Bird tonight.

Mar. 10, Saturday - Hospital duty again. Feeling a little punk today but managed to get straightened around tonight. Patients are all very good and keeping fairly quiet. Saw Bob McGowan tonight and he is looking fine.

Mar. 11, Sunday - Hospital duty again. Today's papers report death of Count Zeppelin. Nothing special doing as I slept most of the day. No mail tonight. Canadian mail is late.

Mar. 12, Monday - Hospital duty again. Nothing special doing.

Mar. 13, Tuesday - Hospital duty again. Parcel from home today.

Mar. 14, Wednesday - On hospital duty again. Nothing special doing. News today of the fall of Baghdad. Things are looking fine for the spring campaign.

Mar. 15, Thursday - On hospital duty again.

Mar. 16, Friday - Hospital duty again.

Mar. 17, Saturday - Hospital duty again. Saw Frank, Art and Dan B. tonight. Dan looking fine.

Mar. 18, Sunday - Hospital again. Ward is full up. Saw Cliff Williscroft tonight. No Canadian mail tonight.

Mar. 19, Monday - Hospital duty again.

Mar. 20, Tuesday - Snow this morning. Quite wintry out. Hospital duty again. Great news in papers. Fall of Bapaume & big advance of British and French troops on Somme front.

Mar. 21, Wednesday - More snow today. Advance on Somme still continues. Hospital duty again. Some artillery fire on our front during night.

Mar. 22, Thursday - Snowing again this evening. Some Fritz aeroplanes over today but were soon driven back. Advance on Somme still continues.

Mar. 23, Friday - Hospital duty again.

Mar. 24, Saturday - Hospital duty again.

Mar. 25, Sunday - Still on hospital duty. Ward is full up now. Mostly sick cases due to exposure. Have over fifty patients.

Mar. 26, Monday - Hospital duty.

Mar. 27, Tuesday - Hospital duty. Saw Bob Stevenson today.

Mar. 28, Wednesday - Hospital duty again.

Mar. 29, Thursday - Hospital duty again. More casualties than usual coming down these days.

Mar. 30, Friday - More casualties today. Our artillery replying to Fritz's fire. Some of the Germans are coming over now. Heard today of 3 who came over and reported that they could not get food owing to the roads being cut off by our very heavy artillery fire.

Mar. 31, Saturday - A bunch of the boys (about 70) went up to Souchez for a raid tonight. Do not know whether it will come off or not. On Hospital duty yet. Have certainly had a cinch in camp this last month and a half. Apr. 1, Sunday - Snow this morning. Part of the 10th Bgde. went over this morning. Raid fairly successful. Quite a few casualties but mostly slight wounds.

Apr. 2, Monday - Very heavy snow today. Say Canada has got everything on this country over here. Fritz seems to be using a lot more artillery on this front now.

Apr. 3, Tuesday - Went up through Carency to Hospital corner. Fritz has been shelling pretty heavy. Weather damp. Rather poor for observation. Passed a battery of 16 in. howitzers on the road.

Apr. 4, Wednesday - Fritz threw a few over today. Some casualties. Our batteries have been shelling pretty heavy all day.

Apr. 5, Thursday - Handled quite a few casualties today. Our artillery has been shelling pretty heavy. Fritz has returned some but nothing like the amount we put over.

Apr. 6, Friday - Not so busy today. Crousdale from MacGregor went through dressing station.

Apr. 7, Saturday - Saw one of our sausage balloons explode and burn in the air. Heavy work tonight. Fritz shelling Souchez dump pretty heavy.

Apr. 8, Sunday - Went up to Cabaret Range R.A.P. this morning and have taken out one case already. Carried two more cases from R.A.P. and then went up to Blue Bell tunnel for 24 hours.

Apr. 9, Monday - Extra squads up for the taking of Vimy Ridge. All troops take their objective. The greatest success of the war. Earl Hembroff killed by a stray shot on the Arras road.

Apr. 10, Tuesday - Have been acting as runner for Captain Creighton and am located in Gobron Tunnel. Casualties have been pretty heavy. In the army 1 year today.

Apr. 11, Wednesday - Was out with the Capt. nearly all morning but have not been out since. Have felt a little punk today. Advance has been a great success.

Apr. 12, Thursday - A little better this morning and hope to be getting relief soon. I guess Fritz is pulling up his guns for there has been practically no shelling in the valley. Some suicide valley.

Apr. 13, Friday - Things quiet again this morning. One of the 72nd. men told us they chased Fritz about 400 yds. further this morning. Fritz can't put up a fight now. Givenchy captured by our troops today.

Apr. 14, Saturday - Lens reported captured this morning. P.S. (This report proved to be incorrect)

Apr. 15, Sunday - Relieved and returned to Grand Servins. Sure was good to get back from the line.

Apr. 16, Monday - Have not been on duty today.

Apr. 17, Tuesday - Physical inspection today. Nothing special doing. Reports coming in of a big advance by the French.

Apr. 18, Wednesday - We are still out of the line. Am going on guard duty tonight. Had two kit inspections today.

Apr. 19, Thursday - Slept today. Nothing doing.

Apr. 20, Friday - Went on hospital duty today in ward 5. 70 patients.

Apr. 21, Saturday - Hospital duty again. Nothing special doing.

Apr. 22, Sunday - Hospital duty again. Church parade today.

Apr. 23, Monday - There was the heaviest bombardment on this morning that I have ever heard. All guns working including 15 in. howitzers and naval guns. Possibly the troops are going over to take Lens.

Apr. 24, Tuesday - Hospital duty.

Apr. 25, Wednesday - Hospital duty.

Apr. 26, Thursday - Hospital duty. Mail tonight.

Apr. 27, Friday - Hospital duty. Mail again tonight.

Apr. 28, Saturday - Hospital duty again.

Apr. 29, Sunday - Hospital duty.

Apr. 30, Monday - Was relieved by C section today and went on the camp fatigues.

May 1, Tuesday - Drill this afternoon.

May 2, Wednesday - On fatigue this morning but had the afternoon off. Inoculated tonight.

May 3, Thursday - Arm sore this morning. Very heavy bombardment on. I hear the boys have gone over again this morning.

May 4, Friday - Off parade today and walked over to Estree Caucher. Very warm.

May 5, Saturday - On fatigue again today.

May 6, Sunday - Church parade today. Played a game of baseball against the anti aircraft battery and were defeated 17-16.

May 7, Monday - On fatigue today.

May 8, Tuesday - On fatigue today.

May 9, Wednesday - On fatigue today.

May 10, Thursday - On fatigue again. Mail tonight.

May 11, Friday - Changed to cook house fatigue today. Had the afternoon off.

May 12, Saturday - Fatigue again.

May 13, Sunday - Fatigue again today. Saw a bunch of the 44th boys today.

May 14, Monday - Fatigue again.

May 15, Tuesday - Fatigue again.

May 16, Wednesday - On fatigue again today.

May 17, Thursday - Moved up to Hospital Corner today. King Albert of Belgium passed after visiting the front here.

May 18, Friday - On fatigue this morning cleaning up camp. Very quiet so far. Cloudy all day.

May 19, Saturday - Saw a balloon ascension today. Fritz has some observation balloons opposite our lines here.

May 20, Sunday - Church parade this morning.

May 21, Monday - Fatigues today.

May 22, Tuesday - Ordinary fatigues again today. We are camped in a very pretty spot.

May 23, Wednesday - Air battle tonight. Two Germans sent down. One got away after a determined fight. Boxing tournament at the Y.M.C.A.

May 24, Thursday - Empire Day.

May 25, Friday - Fritz was shelling very heavy with 4-1 naval shells today. Believe he is trying to hit the observation balloon.

May 26, Saturday - Fritz was over on an aeroplane bombing raid this morning. No damage reported. Saw Will Whaley and Hugh Stewart tonight. Whaley is in the postal service.

May 27, Sunday - Church parade today.

May 28, Monday - Fritz was over with his aeroplanes again this morning.

May 29, Tuesday - Rain this morning.

May 30, Wednesday - Good boxing exhibition at Y.M.C.A. tonight. Things pretty quiet up the line.

May 31, Thursday - On guard tonight.

June 1, Friday - Slept this morning and went on guard again. 20 men of C Section went up the line so was taken off the guard duty as the prisoners I was guarding belonged to that section.

June 2, Saturday - From our camp we can look away over to the line and watch the shells bursting over the trenches. Went up to Herald's post at Givenchy. Left Hospital Corner at 9 p.m.

June 3, Sunday - Worked at Herald's post taking patients to Arques. Went to A.D.S. and made two trips out. Fritz put over a counter attack but was driven back. Just heard that Frank Squair was killed.

June 4, Monday - Fairly quiet this morning.

June 5, Tuesday - Was relieved at R.A.P. this morning and returned to Herald's post. Fritz put over gas tonight. Had 12 gas cases.

June 6, Wednesday - Nothing much doing today. Relayed to Paulin's post at Arques

June 7, Thursday - Up to 75th R.A.P. tonight. Things very quiet, had 12 cases during night.

June 8, Friday - Big raid on tonight on the whole corps front. Came down to Herald's post again.

June 9, Saturday - Have been working nearly all morning from 87th and 75th battalions. Casualties seem to be pretty heavy. Up the line again tonight. Can see Fritz line quite plainly. Artillery has been blowing a brick pile. Machine Gun Emplacements in no mans land.

June 10, Sunday - Up the line again. Could see Fritz out cleaning up his dead and wounded. He has been working all day. So I am of the opinion his casualties were a lot heavier than ours. 75th had only 20 killed. Relieved again.

June 11, Monday - Quite a heavy rain storm on today. Made a trip to Arques with two stretcher cases. Gas.

June 12, Tuesday - Made one trip to Arques with 1 stretcher and 1 walking patient. Mail from home and from Gertrude today. Up the line to R.A.P. again tonight. Fritz is putting over some gas on our left.

June 13, Wednesday - Came down with one stretcher case, a sergeant pretty badly smashed up. M.O. put him to sleep so we made a pretty fast trip. Relieved tonight and went down to Herald's post in Givenchy.

June 14, Thursday - Went with a stretcher case to Arques, a reinforcement just over. Not badly wounded but did not seem to realize how lucky he was.

June 15, Friday - Was relieved by #11 Fld. Amb. and went down to Hospital Corner tonight. Pretty heavy march over Vimy.

June 16, Saturday - Marched down to Chateau de la Haie where we took over Hospital which has been run by #11. Very hot march and was pretty well played out. Saw Mr. Bartlett tonight.

June 17, Sunday - Church parade today.

June 18, Monday - Rec. a bunch of Canadian mail tonight. Second birthday in the army.

June 19, Tuesday - Corps sports on today. Our ambulance won second prize.

June 20, Wednesday - Went on guard duty tonight.

June 21, Thursday - Just one year ago today since we left Winnipeg. Relieved from guard tonight.

June 22, Friday - Have been on fatigue helping to build an Advanced Dressing Stn. and an R.A.P. for Exhibition purposes on July 1st. This Red Tape gets on my nerves. Some way to win a war.

June 23, Saturday - Went on dental parade this morning and had some teeth filled.

June 24, Sunday - Church parade this morning. Fritz is starting to retreat from this front now and the boys are following him up.

June 25, Monday - Big exhibition took place today. Finals for the whole of the army to which we are attached.

June 26, Tuesday - Saw a bunch of the 226th boys today. Vinn Bateman, Elliot Lowe, etc.

June 27, Wednesday - Have done nothing but squad drill today. Saw the home boys again tonight. Heavy rain tonight. Boys have entered La Caullotte.

June 28, Thursday - Squad drill again today. Fritz is retreating and our troops are now occupying Avion.

June 29, Friday - The heaviest bombardment I have ever heard is on now. Heavy guns working day and night. Don't see how Fritz can live under it.

June 30, Saturday - Was over to see a ball game between 3rd and 4th divisions. Third won score 9-4. Some very loose playing. Played in a practice game against 12th Engineers. Won quite easily. Bombardment still on.

July 1, Sunday - Church parade today. Padre spoke specially about Dominion topics and the future of the Dominion after the war. Bombardment continues.

July 2, Monday - Moved to Aux Quatre Vents (The Four Winds) today. Was in the advance party. Had practically no work to do today. Mail tonight.

July 3, Tuesday - On fatigue today. Very easy so everything went along OK. Played ball against 5th Field Ambulance tonight and won. Score 11-10. Very good game.

July 4, Wednesday - On duty today as general orderly. Some snap as there has been practically nothing doing.

July 5, Thursday - On duty in orderly room again today. Practically nothing doing at all today. Could hear quite a bombardment on tonight.

July 6, Friday - On orderly room duty again today. Went for a wheel tonight to Estree Caucher and through Grand Servins.

July 7, Saturday - Orderly room duty again today.

July 8, Sunday - On orderly room duty today.

July 9, Monday - Played for C.A.M.C baseball team against the divisional team and won. Score 4-2. Good game and made no errors.

July 10, Tuesday - Played against 124th Battn. for the C.A.M.C. baseball team. Were defeated 6-5. A good game and made no errors.

July 11, Wednesday - Went to see preliminaries of Divisional sports at Chateau de la Haie. Our Ambulance won four first prizes.

July 12, Thursday - Was over to Maisnil Busch today and saw our Ambulance football team defeat 124th Battn. 4-0. Saw an enemy aeroplane come down in flames.

July 13, Friday - On San. fatigue today.

July 14, Saturday - On C.H. fatigue today. Unit sports on today and big supper for boys on at night. It had the Xmas supper beaten every way.

July 15, Sunday - Church parade this morn. but as I was on fatigue was unable to attend.

July 16, Monday - On C.H. fatigue today. Nothing special doing.

July 17, Tuesday - Marched to Hersin Coupigny to watch football game between Ambulance and 47 Can. Bn. Ambulance won after 40 minutes overtime play. Score 1-0.

July 18, Wednesday - Rain today.

July 19, Thursday - Squad drill today.

July 20, Friday - Went to divisional sports today and had a pretty good time.

July 21, Saturday - Kit inspection this morning.

July 22, Sunday - Church parade today.

July 23, Monday - Inspection by D.D.M.S. this A.M. Squad drill in afternoon. This is the kind of stuff that makes deserters in an army. Absolutely rot and most disgusting. Officers know less about the work than we do and do nothing but bully.

July 24, Tuesday - Went for a walk to Caublain L'Abbe tonight and saw a good picture show. The best since coming to France.

July 25, Wednesday - Moved down to Grand Servins and relieved No. 8. Just like home to get into the old camp again.

July 26, Thursday - Squad drill today and camp cleaning. B Sec. won from A in a football game. Score 2-0.

July 27, Friday - Squad drill again. B Sec. trimmed A in baseball. Score 11-1. We won quite easily. Saw Dave Keyser tonight.

July 28, Saturday - Squad drill again. Dismissed in afternoon as it was too hot.

July 29, Sunday - Church parade today. Very heavy rain during day. Heaviest I have seen in France. Went on guard tonight.

July 30, Monday - On guard today.

July 31, Tuesday - Played against No. 11 Amb. in baseball game and were defeated 9-8. No errors.

Aug. 1, Wednesday - On guard again tonight.

Aug. 2, Thursday - On guard today.

Aug. 3, Friday - Heavy rain. On sick parade today.

Aug. 4, Saturday - Off duty today. Rain. Nothing doing.

Aug. 5, Sunday - There was a church parade this morning but I did not attend.

Aug. 6 Monday - On parade today.

Aug. 7, Tuesday - Parade today. Played ball against C section tonight and won. Score 22-6. B has won from both sections now.

Aug. 8, Wednesday - Kit inspection tonight. Rec. parcel from Aunt Ida tonight.

Aug. 9, Thursday - Parade and gas mask drill today. More rain.

Aug. 10, Friday - B section takes over hospital today. Am on fatigues.

Aug. 11, Saturday - On fatigues again today. Parcel from home tonight. Also, letter from Gertrude.

Aug. 12, Sunday - Played in football match today. Ended in a draw.

Aug. 13, Monday - Played baseball against 7th M.G.A. and were defeated 2-1. Should have won easily.

Aug. 14, Tuesday - Started ball game tonight but rain stopped it at first of 5th inning. Feeling rather punk tonight.

Aug. 15, Wednesday - On fatigue again today.

Aug. 16, Thursday - Fatigue.

Aug. 17, Friday - Fatigue

Aug. 18, Saturday - Fatigue

Aug. 19, Sunday - On fatigue today.

Aug. 20, Monday - Played ball against No. 11 Fld. Amb. and won quite easily. Score 11-5. Walked over to 4th D.A.C.

Aug. 21, Tuesday - Won ball game from 9th Fld. Amb. today. Score 13-3. Walked over to Bonvigny Wood and had a look at the line. Very heavy shelling around Lens.

Aug. 22, Wednesday - On fatigue today.

Aug. 23, Thursday - Moved to Aix Noulette and have our main dressing station in an old brewery. Town pretty badly shelled but some civilians are still living there. Saw Hugh Stewart 27th Bn.

Aug. 24, Friday - On working party to build Hospital camp between Souchez and Lievin. Can hear Fritz dropping some heavies over on the other side of the ridge.

Aug. 25, Saturday - On working party again today. Heard today that some of the 44th boys have been killed and that about ten of them are missing.

Aug. 26, Sunday - Fritz is shelling Arques quite heavy today. Must have put in over a hundred shells this morning. Two visits from his aeroplanes.

Aug. 27, Monday - On working party again today. Very heavy rain and got soaked right through. Heard today that Fritz only damaged one gun in shelling yesterday.

Aug. 28, Tuesday - On working party again today. Some rain but not near so much as yesterday.

Aug. 29, Wednesday - On working party again today. Nothing special doing as it was rather rainy all day.

Aug. 30, Thursday - Working party again today. C section went up the line tonight.

Aug. 31, Friday - Working party again today.

Sept. 1, Saturday - On working party today.

Sept. 2, Sunday - Working party again. Walked over to 4th D.A.C.

Sept. 3, Monday - Working party.

Sept. 4, Tuesday - Working party again. Saw two Fritz aeroplanes come down today. Last one fell behind Vimy ridge.

Sept. 5, Wednesday - Working party again. Walked down to Petit Servins tonight.

Sept. 6, Thursday - Went on working party this morning. Went back to Aix Noulette and marched up to Arques to Paulins post to relieve No. 10 Fld. Amb.

Sept. 7, Friday - On duty in dressing station today.

Sept. 8, Saturday - Very foggy today so things are very quiet.

Sept. 9, Sunday - On duty around A.D.S. again today.

Sept. 10, Monday - Fritz was shelling pretty heavy today. Trying to find batteries.

Sept. 11, Tuesday - Saw a short fight between one of our scout machines and a German plane. Fritz was driven back home and flying quite low. Possibly wounded.

Sept. 12, Wednesday - Went up to La Coulotte today. Nothing special doing.

Sept. 13, Thursday - On working party helping to reinforce the post in the brewery.

Sept. 14, Friday - On working party again today.

Sept. 15, Saturday - Went up to Bois Chaudiere and relieved the post there. Everything quiet.

Sept. 16, Sunday - Took out one walking & one stretcher case early this morning. Nothing much doing. Fritz put on a barrage at about 6:30. No casualties at all.

Sept. 17, Monday - Nothing doing tonight. Some walking cases during the day.

Was down for rations this morning. Sept. 18, Tuesday - Everything very quiet today. Paymaster was up and paid us at the Aid Post. Very cloudy out so observation is very poor.

Sept. 19, Wednesday - Was down to Moore's post for rations this morning. Went on to Burkis Hole. Fritz was shelling a supply dump very heavy. Had to take shelter in (illegible) trench. Moved R.A.P. to Souris Road. Had a nice walk into front line. Luckily everything was quiet.

Sept. 20, Thursday - Everything quiet today. Was relieved by A section tonight and walked down to Arques.

Sept. 21, Friday - Went down to Hospital Corner this morning on light railway. Had a good sleep this morning and went on night duty in the dressing room.

Sept. 22, Saturday - On night duty again tonight. Slept all day.

Sept. 23, Sunday - On night duty again. Everything quiet today.

Sept. 24, Monday - Went down to Chateau de la Haie on pass today. Saw a very good ball game.

Sept. 25, Tuesday - Went down to C.C.S. No. 6 Barlin with an accident case. Very good trip.

Sept. 26, Wednesday - On night duty again tonight.

Sept. 27, Thursday - 5 P.M. One of Fritz planes came over and set fire to an observation balloon. After a stiff fight he got away. 7 P.M. Fritz over again. Got another balloon but was shot down by our aeroplanes.

Sept. 28, Friday - Everything quiet today. On duty again tonight.

Sept. 29, Saturday - Moved camp to Souchez today. Camp is placed at Montreuil Junction. On duty again tonight.

Sept. 30, Sunday - On night duty again. Had a trip to C.C.S. this morning.

Oct. 1, Monday - On night duty. Everything quiet tonight.

Oct. 2, Tuesday - On night duty again tonight. Was down to C.C.S. Bruay with a car load of patients. Fritz aeroplane over tonight.

Oct. 3, Wednesday - On night duty again.

Oct. 4, Thursday - Night duty again.

Oct. 5, Friday - Night duty.

Oct. 6, Saturday - Marched down to Hospital Corner for dinner and then moved on to Grand Servins.

Oct. 7, Sunday - Marched to Chateau between Houdain and Divion about twenty minutes walk to Bruay.

Oct. 8, Monday - On work house fatigue today. All men are C.B. Believe me they are sore at the officers.

Oct. 9, Tuesday - On parade today. Was relieved from fatigue by C. section.

Oct. 10, Wednesday - On picket today. Helped to take down camp tonight.

Oct. 11, Thursday - Up at 4 a.m. and marched to Houdain where we took the train. Left train at Thiennes and marched to Aire. Very good sized town.

Oct. 12, Friday - Marched to farm about 15 miles. 3 kilos from Marie Capelle.

Oct. 13, Saturday - Went into Hazebrouck where we entrained for leave to Boulogne. Arrived at B. in afternoon and went to billet in town. Was out to see a good show in the evening.

Oct. 14, Sunday - Left port at 10 a.m. and arrived at Folkestone without any mishap. Had a dandy trip across. Went up on leave train to London. Stopped at Maple Leaf Club.

Oct. 15, Monday - Went up to Hebden Bridge. Arrived at 4 p.m. May met me at the train.

Oct. 16, Tuesday - Have been having a dandy time resting up.

Oct. 17, Wednesday - May had a party tonight. Had a dandy time and met a fine bunch of young people.

Oct. 18, Thursday - Out to Mr. & Mrs. Harwood's tonight and had a grand time

Oct. 19, Friday - Was out to Miss Bickles tonight.

Oct. 20, Saturday - Went for a trip to Halifax with Edna and May. Saw a musical comedy named the"Arcadian." Had a swell time.

Oct. 21, Sunday - Was out to church and Sunday school today and to Luns for supper.

Oct. 22, Monday - Down to Hebden B. this morning and had my picture taken. Out to Edna H. for tea tonight and had a dandy time.

Oct. 23, Tuesday - Boarded train for Leeds this morning and changed there to the London train. Arrived in London at about 3:30 p.m. and stayed at Victoria of M.C.A.

Oct. 24, Wednesday - Went down to Folkestone where we got on boat for Boulogne. Had a rather rough trip across but enjoyed it fine. Went up to rest camp. Entrained at 10 p.m.

Oct. 25, Thursday - On train all morning and arrived at Poperinge at about 4 p.m. and went out to our rest camp at Hillhock.

Oct. 26, Friday - Rested up all day. Very rainy. Boys of 4th Division went over and have gained all objectives.

Oct. 27, Saturday - Nothing doing today.

Oct. 28, Sunday - On fatigue today.

Oct. 29, Monday - Up the line today and went in at Mitchell's farm. Had a pretty stiff time and got a slam on the foot. Came very near stopping shells on a number of occasions.

Oct. 30, Tuesday - Was sent down to camp at Hillhock tonight.

Oct. 31, Wednesday - In D.R.S. today.

Nov. 1, Thursday - In Hospital yet. Foot pretty sore today.

Nov. 2, Friday - In Hospital still. Nothing special doing. Some of the boys came down the line tonight.

Nov. 3, Saturday - Hospital still. Balance of S. B. came down this morning.

Nov. 4, Sunday - Hospital yet. Foot practically better now. Letter from May tonight.

Nov. 5, Monday - Hospital yet. Discharged from Hospital today.

Nov. 6, Tuesday - Nothing special doing today. Reports that 1st and 2nd Div. have taken Passchendaele.

Nov. 7, Wednesday - More reports of successes on our front. Fritz appears to have almost run away.

Nov. 8, Thursday - Nothing special doing today. Was down to Albert for dinner tonight.

Nov. 9, Friday - Fatigue.

Nov. 10, Saturday - Fatigue.

Nov. 11, Sunday - On fatigue today.

Nov. 12, Monday - On fatigue today, nothing much doing.

Nov. 13, Tuesday - Was down to Poperinge today and saw some of the sights of the town.

Nov. 14, Wednesday - Went up the line to Ypres today and expect to go forward in the morning.

Nov. 15, Thursday - Up the line this morning and was posted to Mitchell's farm. Trip much quieter this time than last.

Nov. 16, Friday - Was relieved by 13th this morning and went down to Ypres where we had a good rest.

Nov. 17, Saturday - Left Ypres this morning and went by truck to Caistre in France and are billeted in a barn. Very good place.

Nov. 18, Sunday - Went down to Caistre today. Very good sized town and some very good stores. Had a good feed tonight.

Nov. 19, Monday - Still in camp at Caistre. Was downtown again today.

Nov. 20, Tuesday - Moved out today and marched about four kilos to Pradelle where we took buses to Merville and went into camp just out of the town. Was in town at night.

Nov. 21, Wednesday - Left Merville at 12 o'clock and marched to Busnes where we went into camp in a stable. Very good place. Was in town at night. Nothing special doing.

Nov. 22, Thursday - Left Busnes and marched through Lillers to Auchel where we went into camp. Pretty good sized town. Rec. a bunch of mail.

Nov. 23, Friday - Still in Auchel. Had a good look at the town today.

Nov. 24, Saturday - Left Auchel and marched to Fresnuvert where we went into camp.

Nov. 25, Sunday - Have had nothing to do today.

Nov. 26, Monday - On Q.M. fatigue today.

Nov. 27, Tuesday - Q.M. fatigue today. Had a walk up to Grand Servins tonight.

Nov. 28, Wednesday - Q.M. fatigue today.

Nov. 29, Thursday - On Q.M. fatigue today. Attended a muster parade today. Parade was for a lecture on Victory War Loan Bonds.

Nov. 30, Friday - Q.M. fatigue again today.

Dec. 1, Saturday - Polling day today for election on conscription. Q.M. fatigue again.

Dec. 2, Sunday - Q.M.S.

Dec. 3, Monday - Q.M.

Dec. 4, Tuesday - Q.M.

[From Wednesday, December 5 through Monday, December 24 Private Schooley made no entries. There is no explanation for this uncharacteristic lapse, although reading between the lines it would seem that he was less than happy with duty in the Quartermaster Stores.]

Dec. 25, Tuesday - Xmas day. Big dinner on today. Roast Turkey Etc. Worked pretty hard this morning. Rec. box of cigars from the lodge tonight.

Dec. 26, Wednesday - Cleaning up today. Parcel from Women's Aux. received today.

Dec. 27, Thursday - Same old routine of duty in Q.M.S.

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