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  April 10, 1917

The 4th Division attacks the remaining German positions on the ridge just east of Hill 145 and quickly captures them. Vimy Ridge is now in Canadian hands.

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Apr 9, 1917  -  1st Division
Apr 9, 1917  -  2nd Division
Apr 9, 1917  -  3rd Division

April 10, 1917
    April 10, 1917
We have done very well, though suffered a lot. The town named after the Ridge will be well in our rear. So far, the fighting has been of an open character. The Germans falling back, fighting hard to rearguard action; every place is mined and the whole country, including dugouts and cellars, a mass of booby traps... all the wells are poisoned.

             Letters of Agar Adamson

Private Robert Aldham Wilson of the 50th Battalion. He had been in the line only a few months when he was instantly killed in action on April 10, 1917, in an attack during the Canadian offensive in front of Vimy Ridge.
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